la vie de Isy Viñales (alias Kolo)

Isy was born on 15.07.1988 in Vina del Mar, Chile, under the name of Koloman Israel Pontai. He was three years old when his mother decided to leave the country with him and move to Germany because she wanted to experience new things and give her son a different perspective. There she married his stepfather and gave birth to his little sister, Kassandra Marisol Macarena Pontai. Both took up a liking to the arts and music. While Kassandra became a flamenco dancer, Isy decided becoming a hiphop dancer. The grew up with the latin spirit and learned every southamerican dance, from salsa, bachata, merengue and cumbia to reggeaton and other dances like this.

Inspired by his culture he started teaching how to dance when he was at the age of 16. He worked as coach in the Dancschool Skdance as well as TigersdanceCompany & Tanzprojekt.

Isy is always looking for a way to develop his dancing skills, to learn more, to be better. With one of his dancepartners he invented a new direction of dance: "Bodyrhythm"  - which is a mixture between HipHop and contemporary dance.
Currently he is working for DanceCult.

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