Poing projekt 2011:

He is working on an projekt in "poing" (munich) where he is a danceteacher in a Highschool. He tries to improve the konsentration and the abbilities from the pupils to write and learn faster with the help of dance, also the motorical point of view is getting better. Right now the projekt works and so he has his classes to teach.

2009 he works with Savas Karapinar, a teacher who is known as one of the professional danceteachers in munich, in the Sabel Privat School. He teached Isy how to work with the pupils in the pedagogy way (science of education) and the funtamental thought of teaching.

Savas and Isy worked a lot together since 2004. He was the Teacher of Isy till savas saw the Talent and helped him to release himself. Besides the friendship both worked in a lot of projects... most of those where in munich, as DJ, Moderatior, Choreographer, Assistent Storemanager (in Danceschool), Teamcaptain, Organizer, Teacher of sience of 'etiquette' and last but not least as Danceteacher.

Flashmob organized and Choreography by Izz ( Isy Viñales)

Stierblut Flashmob on the Sinners party. With choreo and pillowfight on the dancearea.


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